We Inspire Girls And Children Who Do Not Go To School

Every Child Has The Right To Learn

While rural youth unemployment often stems from lack of adequate education, even educated youth often do not get work. The unemployment rate of educated youth is getting higher for less-educated youth. This is often because these educated youth are not skilled in the fields in which they are in demand. This is mainly due to the fact that India has a very limited number of technical, vocational, income and employment generating small skill-building programs to equip the youth for the massive economic opportunities that are opening up.

According to a case study of the Edufever, 90% of the current jobs in India are ‘skill-based and require skill-building training, but only 6% of the population receives any type of training. One obvious difference in terms of both quality and quantity is a skill: the current vocational education and training infrastructure is not designed to meet the needs of the industry which is causing a huge shortage in the job market.